In today’s world, plastic water tanks are very popular and high selling product in the market for domestic and commercial uses. Since, plastic water storage tanks are easy to install, keep water fresh inside, restrain the UV rays, prevent the growth of algae, economical and recyclable when not in use. There are different manufacturing process of plastic water tanks, today we are going to discuss the most effective process of manufacturing plastic – Rotational Moulding Process

Rotational moulding is also referred to as rotomolding process. It is a process for manufacturing hollow plastic products. Most plastic water tanks are manufactured using this process.

1. First, to prepare the powder, the polyethylene material granules are mixed with the black colour concentrator. This formula is chopped as granules to get a uniform distribution of carbon black.

2. Now the powder is ready to insert in the mould following the right amount.

3. The rotational moulding machine is heated around 300-degree centigrade.

4. Now the mould is rotated in a certain speed (low speed) to form a uniform layer of plastic.

5. The heat is generated and the plastic starts to surrounded in the mould and gradually agglutinate the mould.

6. The mould forms a monolithic layer against the mould surface.

7. Until the plastic coagulates, the mould rotation continues until it has reached the cooling process.

8. When the plastic form in the solid form, the cooling, and mould rotation is stopped and the product is ready to be removed from the mould.

9. After being removed, each product undergoes a quality test. The product is ready to be sold in the market.

This process is also used in medical products, toys apart from plastic water storage tanks. Penguin tank manufacture tanks using the rotational moulding process as it is considered the best. We serve the best and high-quality plastic water tanks for both domestic and commercial uses. Buy our tanks to believe in our words. We manufacture the best quality plastic water tanks using this method to meet all domestic and commercial water requirements.

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