Saves Energy

Insulation layers reduce the heating & cooling of water, maintaining a difference of nearly 15-18 degree C. The insulation ensures that lesser energy is utilized for cooling or heating up the water.

Extra Secure

The lid design incorporates a screw system ensuring air-tight closure which prevents entry of all unwanted objects like dust, insect, rodents etc inside the tank.

More Hygienic

Food grade plastic from our vendors like Reliance Petrochemical, Haldia Petrochemical, Sabic ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank.


Extra muscular ribs have been incorporated to add strength to the tank. It reduces bulging when the tank is full, and also reduces chances of bursting under pressure.

Keeps Water Fresh

Threaded lid (First In India) design with airtight features keeps water fresh for a longer time this minimizes cleaning & maintenance cost of your tank.

Optimum Price

Our mother Concern at Gujarat Perfect Poly Plast & Flexi Plast India (plz refer www.perfectroto.com) is involved in manufacturing polymer compound in-house and we use our in-house best quality compound, which always pushes us forward to quote you the best price for our best quality product.