Having a water storage tank is quite essential for every personal and commercial space. To meet this requirement, many water tank manufactured in India offer their respective products. However, not all of them are made with proper technical expertise. This is what makes Penguin Tank.

The house of Penguin tank, being a leading water tank manufacturer in India, offer a wide range of products.
The three-layer foam or Triple Layer Foam Tank water tank is rather a special product amo9g the same. We will discuss, its outstanding features in brief today.

  •  The Food Grade Layer

    The innermost layer is made up of food grade material, which is made up of superior quality polymer.. it ensures that the water stored inside, does not acquire any property of the polymer, which is common concerning factor among poor grade plastic water tank. In a nutshell, it ensures the water stored inside stays uncontaminated, clear and fresh, making it suitable for daily use including drinking.|

  •  The Foam Layer

    The next consecutive layer comprises of insulating materials. It is mainly the foam, which creates a hindrance for transmission of heat from the outside to the stored water inside the tank. It ensures the water stored inside, remains unaffected of the harsh climate outside, this holds true for both harsh hat climate, and cold climate.

  •  The Ultraviolet Layer

    The outermost layer is made with specific material to block the ultraviolet component of the sunlight. It does not let the outside atmosphere or unwanted characteristics to influence the water stored inside.

All of these layers are processed through the roto-molding technology. This manufacturing process is ideal for making total or partial hollow structures. Its manufacturing principles ensure the cylindrical tanks have the uniform cross-section, with uniform material content. The three-layer water tank also comes in several color options. These include Sudan blue, parrot green, golden yellow, violet, lemon green and black.

Thus, the multi-layered tanks are gradually taking over the place for traditional single-layered tanks. The usefulness and effectivity of the tank make it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial purpose. Needless to say, this particular product from the house of Penguin tank, is in demand these days. Predominantly, the property of blocking the heat from the surrounding into the water makes it a stand-alone product amongst others produced by water tank manufactures in India.

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