Despite the attempts to smoothen down the gap of socio-economical strata in India, a huge population of India belongs to the lower middle class. For their personal use they need to get a water tank for their family but within a limited budget. Several water tank manufacturers in West Bengal provides plastic water storage tank for such people.However, while trying to extract profit out of it, they deliver poor quality water tanks to them, which looks in shape at the point of sale, but afterward, it degrades pretty quickly and ultimately causes harm to the users. To address this issue, the house of Penguin tank has, water tank manufacturer in West Bengal a basic plastic water tank out of the best quality material, namely the 2 layer water tank.

Obviously one can find water storage tanks with much better features as well, but today, we are focusing on the best quality basic water storage tank made out of plastic. The two-layer tank, as the name clearly indicates, contains two layers overlapping in the cross-section.

The inner layer is made up of plastic of food grade standard. As the water stays in contact with the innermost layer of any tank, the superior quality of plastic makes the water free of any harmful chemical or pathogen. The outer layer is made up of the ultraviolet blocking material, and as the name suggests, it blocks the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays to penetrate and influence the properties of the stored water.

The tank is made through the roto-molding process, which ensures a newly uniform cross-section of every layer and also the continuity of both layers in the tank.

Even with a limited budget, Indians and few options to make the best out of their money, which is absolutely true for Penguin tank as one can get multiple options for the model in both color and size. One can pick from traditional black, parrot green and Sudan blue as the color of their water tank.
Also, one can pick the tank from a set of various capacity. It depends on one’s usage, availability of water and the number of habitats sharing the same.

The house of Penguin tank offers a wide range of products and the two-layered tank is simply the basic model. One can check out the Maxx foam tank, or four layer water tanks as well. Each of the tanks has its own features, making it ideal for domestic and commercial use.

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