H2O is the only molecule of all pure elements on the earth which expands when it freezes. On the other hand, every other element contracts. With the arrival of winter, we experience the water’s frozen state very often particularly in places with extreme climates. Cold weather and water never make a good combination. A frozen water tank seems worse. It might result in an inside overflow, ice pressure can break pipes or other attachments and leak due to corrosion.

To avoid freezing of water in storage tanks, a number of precautions can be taken. Let us discuss in detail.

  1. Make Use of pumping method to achieve water turnover during the day in order to make the tanks filled by the night. This process adds heat at night and prevents water from freezing. To achieve water turnover, the heat can be added to the tank with fresh well water. In case of larger systems, several pumps are switched on at the same time to create more pressure.
  2. To make the warm water circulate properly, new water needs to be added above the capacity point. It becomes convenient if the tank is placed near the pumping facility. The tank is then easily piped in order to make new warm water enter the tank through one pipe and exit through the other.
  3. During winter months, lower the level of water keeping enough amount that is required. This prevents the formation of ice on the upper portion of the tank.
  4. Altitude valves may malfunction in freezing weather. Therefore keep an eye on the functioning of altitude valves.
  5. Check if the pipes are covered properly or not. Sometimes lack of protection for the pipe can cause water tanks to freeze up.
  6. If the earth over connecting pipes is not compacted properly then it can settle initially. The inadequate cover can create the situation of freezing.
  7. The piping should not get backfilled in any case at least before the first winter of operation. Therefore, it is mandatory to supervise and inspect the base of the tank properly.

Freezing of water tanks has several adverse effects on the water tanks. It can lead to an overflow through a pipe and a vent. In order to keep the water storage tank from freezing, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned points. A water tank just like other home electronic appliances requires proper care and timely maintenance in order to function smoothly.

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