The need for a water reservoir has been a part of human civilization for ages. With time the mode of the story evolved. And in the current scenario, the plastic water storage tanks are the most prevalent storage means.

However, there are several problems associated with the same. Most of the plastic water storage tanks are made of the single layer. Though it may seem to be sufficient, it results in unwanted properties of the water, predominantly its temperature. Let’s understand, how it happens

Usually, the water in the storage tank stores water fills until it is up to the brim of the tank. There it stays still until any of the water taps are accessed from within the house. The standing water gets exposure to sunlight for quite some time. As a result, the temperature begins to heat up gradually. This problem is more prevent in dry, and hot weather, whereby the mid-day the water is as good as boiled water.

Thus, people are either forced to wrap up all their tasks during morning itself (which is often not possible) or use a water cooler to bring the water to a tolerable temperature. This causes the huge cost of electricity.

Vice versa, in the cold stations, the water standing still in the water tank, experience a sharp decrease in the temperature. During hail stores, it can cause freezing of water in the pipes and tanks. As a result of a pressure difference. It may cause bursting of the pipeline, leading to personal injury and damage to property.this installing a water heater becomes crucial, which consumes a rather high amount of electricity.

How Do Penguin Tanks Help In This Regard?

By keeping the aforementioned issue in mind, we, at the house of Penguin Tank manufacture a wide range of products. Most of these are multiple layers. The extra layer acts as an insulator and keeps the water at an optimal temperature. Further, the anti-ultraviolet layer ensures the heat component of the sunrays interferes less in the composition of water.

The plastic water storage tanks, mitigate the need of installing any water cooler or heater. Thus, it saves a lot of money spending on the electricity. Moreover, the multiple layers make it an opaque system, which also ensures the algal growth inside the water does not take place, under normal environmental conditions.

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