No matter how much science and technology evolve with time, the dependency of humans on water is never likely to change. The same was true in the reverse end of the time line as well. Today, we store water mostly in the plastic water storage tanks, of various materials or choice and availability, predominantly the plastic water storage tanks. In future, the materials like to evolve a lot, for further convenience of humans, without a doubt.

A water storage tank is a large container that collects and stores a rather large quantity of water for a various everyday purpose, from drinking, bathing, to irrigation and doing other chores.

The need of storing water was raised by the early civilization as well. In many of the archiological sites, we come across the presence of man-made water storage bodies, such as step well, and cistern. The evidence of the existence of the water storage tanks goes back to as early as Indus valley dates back to around 3000 to 1500 BC.

Though few of them were naturally occurring structure, discovered and later used by the ancient civilization, they adopted the idea and later designed and made some on their own as well, mostly out of granules, wood, and stones. Though there remained a big issue of the quality of the water as it was often got contaminated with algae animal waste and dirt etc.

Later its utility spread throughout the world and several civilizations began to adopt the same. Particularly the castles, and monasteries began building and using these. Several medieval civilizations modified and created the design and produced cisterns instead. Unlike the step wells and open water tanks, the cisterns were designed in the underground. Thereby the level of contamination was somewhat lesser than the previous ones.

Gradually, people started building smaller sized water tanks for family or separate socialites. Also, the material used for it changed as well. Nowadays, there are several types of materials used for the same. Each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but the use of plastic water storage tanks are the most prevalent ones.

Several other advancements also came in the modern times. Underground tanks were manufactured, and so was the traditional overhead tanks. Due to lack of owning personal space, most people prefer the overhead tank over its counterpart.

The history of water tank was long and evolutionary, and certainly, the story will keep going on in the future as well.

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