Steel Or Plastic Water Storage Tanks? This is a commonly asked question and both have its own advantages and disadvantages. A buyer’s main concern is strength and longevity. Although steel is supposed to be heavier than poly water tanks it cannot withstand corrosion and should be kept away from salty sea water or chlorine. On the other hand, plastic water storage tanks are non- corrosive and require less maintenance.

Plastics usually age with continuous exposure to heat, light, and oxygen. UV stabilizers in plastics prevent them from becoming brittle and decomposing. The chemicals used are similar to those used in sunscreen products which protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. It protects them from loss of strength, flexibility, and stiffness. The main issue with steel one is the maintenance and an inner poly lining is recommended to protect against corrosion.

Plastic water storage tanks are comparatively easier to install and less expensive to transport as it is lighter than the steel tanks. Less labor is needed to install the former. Poly tanks can be set up with a tank self-cleaning system while stainless steel requires a lot of care and expensive maintenance.

Poly tanks come in different shapes, styles and a variety of colors due to its flexibility than many galvanized steel tanks. At the same time, high quality rotational molded poly tanks have a similar life expectancy warranty of about 25 to 30 years. At the same time, plastic water tanks are approximately 35% cheaper than the steel tanks.

Water quality is pure in case of poly water tanks as it manufactured from food grade polyethylene just like Tupperware products. In order to improve the quality in case of steel ones, an inner poly lining is required which helps to protect against inner corrosion.

In order to sum up, the above-mentioned comparison concludes to the popularity and longevity of poly tanks over the steel ones. Therefore, a UV-stabilised poly tank definitely wins over the latter. The harmful UV rays of the sun affect the plastic objects. Over time, they begin to break down, become brittle and crack. The color fades away. At the same time, metals rust and corrode. Chromium can be added to strengthen steel but all material has a finite life. It will still rust and corrode. With poly tankers that are UV stabilized, you can rest assured that it will last a long time and not less than 20 years.

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