The manufacturing process of water tanks determines several factors about the longevity and state of water stored inside. The roto molding technique is a superior molding technology that makes seamless products in a mass production at a comparatively low price.

Traditionally, other molding techniques were traditionally used by most of the manufacturers, though nowadays, few leading water tank manufacturers in India are employing the roto-molding technique for producing plastic water storage tanks. We will discuss the roto-molding technique in details now.

A roto molding water tank offers a wide range of benefits over the conventional ones. The roto-molding is a highly versatile and the best possible manufacturing technique to produce partially or totally hollow structures.

Let’s understand in details, how the roto-molding technique is carried out in detail –

  •  The resin of powder polymer is measured as per the desired thickness and poured into the mold
  •  The apparatus is then subjected to heat in order to melt the contents
  • Simultaneously is rotated in either one two, or all three axes, depending upon the particular requirement
  • The molten polymer is then evenly spread on the inner surface of the mold. The centrifugal force generated through the rotational momentum, ensure that the thin paper stays and sticks on the inner surface itself.
  •  The mold is cooled with fans and the polymer inside is solidifies in a hollow cylindrical structure.
  •  On complete solidification, the mold is opened and the tank is extracted.

Various colored tanks are processed by using the colored polymer as the raw material. Thus, the tanks never lose the color and stay newer for a longer period of time. The feature of the threads on the topmost portion for the threaded lids is also added through the presence of threads on the mold itself.

The roto molding technique is exceptionally helpful to make multi-layered tanks. After the outermost layer is molded and solidifies, each of the immediate inner layers is added from inside.

A roto molding water tank is manufactured in one piece, with smooth edges and curves. The absence of any sharp joint, or bend ensures that the resultant product has more longevity and shelf life.

All but one (the loft tank) models of water tanks of Penguin tank are manufactured with the roto-molding process. It is superior to other water tanks in the market, which are either assembled or manufactured by traditional molding technology.

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