Let it be any commodity around us, having several options often creates confusion regarding the one to actually get. The same is true for water storage tanks as well. Let it be the type of material, installation area or many more aspect, tanks come is many options. The debate over the material, metal or plastic is a very common topic. However, the rising number of sales and purchase of the plastic water tank in India shows quite clearly the winning side.

Hereby, we present some of the factors which make the plastic water tanks a better option-

Price and affordability-

Probably the most important factor is the affordability. The plastic water tanks are the much cheaper when compared to any standard metal tank. The metal tanks are usually made up of galvanized steel along with a coating of zinc for stability. The price difference is almost 35 percent in favor of a standard plastic water tank in India but the price slightly modifies as per the brand, type size, color etc.

Ease of installation-

Every family and business need a water tank, but not everyone is a body builder or could effort quality manpower at will. Also relocating with steel tank is a Herculean task. Moreover, a metal tank needs a much strong and concrete base for its stability. Thus installing a plastic water tank comes with more ease in every of the above-mentioned aspects.

Ease of maintenance-

Buying a water tank is a one-time event, while their maintenance might not be, depending upon each choice. Plastic water tanks are often self-cleaning and require maintenance occasionally due to more water circulation, airtight lid, and usage of superior quality material. While, for a metal water tank, with joints and issue of corrosion, and quality of water, it could become a routine thing.

The factor of longevity-

As long as a plastic water tank is coated with an ultra violet layer, to protect them against long sun exposure, it is most likely to outlast its count part made up of metal. The issue of rusting and corrosion, are the main factors that challenge the shelf life of the metal tanks. Since, buying them every year is not an accepting scenario, making the plastic tank a better option.

These are the major factors in favor of the plastic water tanks over the metal counterpart.

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