Human is never satisfied with the technology he invents and executes, which makes them invent even better and advanced technologies in time. When it comes manufacturing water tanks, the methodology has evolved a lot, especially in the recent years. One of the most advanced processes is the rotomolding manufacturing process.

There are several benefits of a rotomolding water tank over a regular tank manufactured by a process. Let’s have a brief look at its manufacturing process.

Rotomolding Water Tanks

In order to manufacture rotomolding water tanks, the mold is partially filled with the semi-liquid or powdered resin. Though other materials like ceramic, nickel, aluminum, copper or gypsum, etc. can also be used, the latest water tanks are made up of plastics. Thus, the resins used for this process mainly comprises of either Polyethylene, Ethylene vinyl acetate, Plastisol, Poly vinyl chloride or thermoplastic resin.

Afterwards, the mold is subjected to heat along with spinning at the same time. The heat liquefies the resin and the spinning action causes centrifugal and centripetal to form inside the mold. It is important to facilitate the spinning in at least 2 axis. This ensures a uniform and homogenous distribution of molten polymer resin inside the mold.

Rotomolding Water Tanks

The centrifugal force is the one that makes the liquid inside to spread outwards and hit the interior surface of the mold. In simple words, the centrifugal force pushes the resin to the boundaries and causes it to acquire the shape of the mold. The uniform spinning ensures that the product inside acquires a uniform thickness throughout the boundary. Shortly afterwards, the entire mold is cooled down from the outside. This results in solidification of the material on its boundary itself.

Thus, it gives a final product of a shell structured with a hollow vacuum inside. The mold is then opened and the product is removed from it. The tanks manufactured by rotomolding process are much benefits over the regular ones. For example, the resultant rotomolding water tank is produced in one whole piece with no fuzz of assembling different parts or chiseling unwanted parts.

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