Rotomoulding process is the most advanced technology in the field of manufacturing water tanks. Penguin tank, one of the largest manufacturer of rotomolding water tanks in India follow this process. Plastic water tanks have already gained popularity over the steel. Rotational molding popularly known as rotomolding or rotocasting is a process of manufacturing a hollow one-piece plastic item.

There are many advantages of rotational molding over the assembled ones. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A variety of complex designs and different shapes can be made with uniform wall thickness.
  • The process fits into any size from tiny to large. There is a good scope of flexibility as it can make many sizes for different uses.
  • The process is cost-effective and economical than others. Each mold cost less than other molding methods
  • Colour matching is easier and at a lower cost. Some popular colors are marble and sandstone.
  • The process involves limited material waste and it follows a systematic process.
  • It is a batch production process and therefore faster and more than one tank is produced at a time. Generally, 3 to
  • 4 tanks can be produced at a time.
  • Multiple layers can be manufactured under this process.
  • The process of quick tooling is followed.
  • It offers high-quality surface finishing with gloss. Thus it reflects the following characteristics
  • The decorative in-mold techniques and graphic designs are by-products of this technique.
  • The parts manufactured are stress-free and offer durability and strength.
  • The production process is flexible and any kind of alteration is possible during the same.

With so many advantages and no disadvantage at all, this process is definitely easier, cost-effective and versatile. Assembling is an outdated, time consuming and costlier process.

Undoubtedly, rotomolding water tanks have gained popularity in recent times. The house of Penguin Tank is offering a wide variety of rotomolding water tanks and should not be missed. It is long lasting as already mentioned above and the life expectancy is not less than 20 years.

This process is highly recommended and we are sure that in near future rotomolding will rule over the entire plastic manufacturing industry, particularly for partial or total hollow objects. Customers are switching over to this process than assembled ones as it saves money and time. After all, consumer satisfaction is the key factor for all manufacturers in expanding business and ultimately earning more profit.

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