There are several things around us that come typically with a particular color. Often it is so much popular that it takes us by surprise to find a piece having the different color. For instance, until a few years ago, almost all the plastic water tanks in India used to come in painted black color. A water tank with any other color was very rare indeed. However, gradually things are changing. Let’s first understand, the cause for a back painting of water tanks at the first place.

At first, when the manufacture of plastic water began, the safety and the quality of the water stored inside was a major topic of debate. This was mainly due to the fact that stagnant water facilitates the germination of algae and bacteria. These bacteria and algae are often photosensitive in nature, which means they grown abundantly in a certain visible spectrum.

Penguin Tank

In simple words, the exposure of stored water to the sunlight would make the water unhealthier. Therefore blocking the maximum amount of light became a vital step. Also the color black is the combination of every other color and therefore block maximum light. Thus, painting them black made sense.

For a long time, most of the water tank manufacturers stick with this same notion, believing it is the best thing to do. However, this practice was proving to be a health hazard. This was particularly true for the regions near to the equator. The excessive intensity of the sunlight in these regions clubbing with the color black worsens the situation even more.

This called out for the need of a better solution. With research of several years, few feasible solutions surfaced. And thankfully, in the recent time, a very viable solution is found. Apart from storing more hygienic water, these tanks are available in various colors as well. Nowadays, several leading water tank manufactures, like Penguin Tank, are breaking the taboo by offering colored plastics water tanks in India. These include black, white, orange, blue, green, violet and metallic steel color.

These tanks have been manufactured keeping a note that the water stored inside remains. The principle behind the same is the advanced manufacturing process, namely the rotomoulding process. It also enables making several layered tanks. These multilayered water tanks, ensure that the water stays fresh and cool even in the warm climate.

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