Rainwater harvesting is one of the most popular and oldest methods of accumulating and storing rainwater for later use. The water can be stored in water storage tanks for agricultural, commercial or domestic use. The popularity has grown immensely in the current scenario due to the inherent qualities of rainwater. It is appropriate for both large-scale landscapes such as parks, commercial sites, apartment complexes and small-scale residential landscapes. This method can reduce monthly water bills and it is also environment-friendly. There is a long list of the advantages of rainwater harvesting.

Let us discuss some important points.

  • It saves cost and reduces the electricity bill.
  • It reduces flood threats during rainy season as people save water on the rooftops.
  • It is pure and free from chemicals, therefore best for any use including irrigation, household or others.
  • It ensures 24 / 7 water supply with no limitation on water timings.
  • It is the best way to make use of a valuable Free Resource.
  • It checks on soil erosion.
  • It improves irrigation as rainwater is free from pollutants, salts, minerals and other man-made contaminants.
  • The stored water can be used in many ways including gardening, washing, drinking, and cooking.

The most effective use of rainwater is through water storage tanks. Rainwater harvesting system can be implemented both underground and above ground depending on the site layout and preferences. Penguin Tank, a leading plastic water tank manufacturer from West Bengal provides a large variety of water tank options for the purpose of rainwater harvesting. These ISO certified water tanks are durable and reasonable over the others. There are many options available for the future customers including different sizes and colors as per your requirement and taste. It is extremely important to follow the guidelines and procedure while installing the tank in order to make it run properly without any difficulty. A water tank expert can only guide you throughout right from selecting the right one to installing the same followed by after service.

It is a wise idea to save pure and free water for reuse. Water is scarce and water is life. One cannot imagine life without water. In this era of advanced technology, purity is vanishing slowly. With an increase in pollution, we are focussing on planting more trees and making our Earth greener. We are trying to recycle maximum possible products, why leave Water? After all, Water is above All.

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