A water tank is not something you purchase every year and thus getting a right water tank is very vital. In this regard, we bring an extremely reliable tank for you to use. From the house of Penguin Tank, the Maxx foam water tank is the most suitable product for you if are looking for an installation that would last for at least a decade without needing a replacement.

The max foam water tank is a very special product as it is the result of a long-term research and development. This rotomolded water tank ensures that the water stays fresh and clear for a maximum time. It works effectively even in the extreme conditions and is a highly durable product.

It is available in several colors such as white, steel, dark sky blue and thus, its finishing touch gives a complete aesthetics of your home. The standard capacity of 500 liters makes it an ideal choice for domestic as well as commercial purpose. The threaded lid of the maxx foam tank furthermore ensures that no debris or insects can infest the water and thus ensures that the water stays fresh and fit for consumption and other usages.

To ensure its safety, this rotomolding water tank has four layers

  1. Food grade inner layer

This innermost layer is made up of food grade material. This makes sure that the water inside stays fresh for long hours even without refilling. This also prohibits any bacterial or fungal growth inside the tank.

  2. Insulated foam layer

The next layer to the food grade layer is made up of a rather thick layer of foam. This insulating layer is crafted with unique sun shield technology. This ensures the temperature of the water inside does not get affected by the external environment. It ensures that you can take bath in summers without peeling of your skin, and thereby, saves a lot of power to heat and cool the water accordingly.

This layer is the most important feature of this tank

  3. Black middle layer

The next outer layer is made up of carbon black and is sandwiched between the outermost and foam layers. This ensures that no UV ray can penetrate the tank and cause any unwanted effect in the water stored inside

  4. UV protected outer layer

The outermost layer of the tank is another UV protection layer. It, along with the next consecutive layer ensure the external temperature, mainly the intensity of sunlight does not affect the water.

As it is a rotomolding water tank, all these layers are made using advanced molding technology, so none of them really gets dislocated under any circumstances. Thus, you can be assured to keep getting fresh, clean water for your everyday use.

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