The water tanks play an important role in the overall establishment of a civilization, both in the place of residence and business. Several water tanks manufacturers are there in India, and the Penguin Tank is obese of the leading brand name in the domain. l product in this product length is the 4 layer foam tank. Let’s understand in brief its features and specification

  1.  As the name itself reveals, the tank has 4 layers, one over the previous one. The innermost layer is made up of the food grade polymers, which ensures the water is never in contact with the polymer that can degrade the health of the individual.
  2. The next consecutive layer is the insulating foam layer which creates a vacuum like structure between the stored water inside and the outside environment, mostly the temperature. Thus, it does not let the water temperature change according to the weather.
  3.  The black middle layer, it reinforces the insulation of stored water even more.  It is made up of poly urethane. That insulation is effective enough to keep the water cold of room temperature even if the outside temperate falls in the range of 45 to 50-degree centigrade.
  4. The outermost layer is for the ultra violet protection. As the ultra violet spectrum of light is harmful to health, this layer of the tank ensures that it does not influence the water that is being stored inside. it is a competitive advantage provided by this particular water tank manufacturer in West Bengal over the others dealing with the same.
  5. All these layers are made up with the help of roto-molding technology. This particular manufacturing process makes the cylindrical tank with uniform cross section and uniform layering. So, under no circumstances, any portion of the tank is likely to miss out any of the underlying layers. every cross section will unveil the same consistency.
  6. As we live in a consumer driven market, the 4 layer foam tank is available in several color options as well. These include the white, parrot green, golden yellow, Sudan blue, violet, and lemon green.

The popularity of this particular model is uplifting these days significantly. Primarily because of the immense benefits it offers to the users. Thus the four layer water tank is an ideal choice for the people looking for a reliable water tank for domestic or commercial use.

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