We all need pure water but somehow forget to pay attention to keep the water tank clean. We use the tank water every day for different purposes but we focus mostly on the cooking water. The other everyday household activities include cleaning, mopping, washing clothes, bathing, brushing etc which we tend to overlook. It is important to ensure that the water stored inside remains bacteria free and clean for all users. Algae and other bacteria grow inside the tank over time which is harmful if the tank is not cleaned regularly. It is recommended to clean the plastic water tank at least once in a year or more often depending upon the use, size or source of water used to fill the tank. There is a proper process to be followed while cleaning the tank which is discussed below in detail:penguin tank_3

  • Keep the place clean where the tank is placed including the top of the tank.
  • The tools used for tank cleaning should be disinfected with antibacterial spray or liquid bleach.
  • Drain the water tank completely with the help of outlet valve.
  • The remaining water can be scooped out using a bucket or a mug.
  • Water can also be sucked up using a vacuum or a clean dry cloth.
  • Make a cleaning solution for cleaning the inside of the tank. A liquid or detergent powder can be used for the same.
  • Scrub the inside of the tank properly. No corner should be left out. Use a bristle brush or a soft sponge, do not use steel brushes or steel sponges as it is too harsh for a plastic tank. They help in removing dirt, fungus, and stains.
  • A power washer can also be used. They come in different sizes and are of different variety. Walls, ceiling, and floor are washed using these. Be careful while using them as they are very powerful and follow all the safety regulations.
  • Use baking soda to clean the dirt from the walls. Add Chlorine bleach to disinfect the water tank completely. Leave the mixture in the tank for some time and make sure no one comes in contact with this solution as it is harmful.
  • Fill the tank with water and make it run to clean the water pipes.
  • Vaccum the tank again and let it dry completely.
  • The tank is clean and ready to be filled with water again.

It is absolutely necessary to follow these points while cleaning the tank properly.

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