The water, like any other fluid, does not have any particular shape and it takes the shape of the container. But during the same, it also acquires several other qualities of the plastic container as well. The same holds true for water as well. The safety of stored water in a plastic water storage tank is a matter of discussion.

Though the quality of water stored in a steel water tank is also a matter of debate. The corrosion of the internal layer can contaminate the water as well.

If the water is being supplied by the municipality, it is often safe to assume that the quality. So, if it is being treated or filtered before supplying, it is well and good. If it is not, for example in case of rainwater harvesting, very little can be done to purify it inside the tank.

It is important to understand that a water storage tank is not a water purifier. It cannot purify and make water portable. The best water storage tank can do is to ensure that it does not facilitate the algae formation and germ buildup.

The use of poor quality plastic may influence the chemical composition of water up to a large extent. It might even go unnoticed for a short period of time, but after a time being, it will start to project a peculiar ‘plastic’ taste in the stored water. Which is why it is recommended to go for a tank that has been made with food grade material.

Also, the shape of the tank plays a vital role in the same. The round cross-section of a cylindrical tank ensures that the water receives maximum circulation, upon opening of any of the water channel or tap. This facilitates the water circulation and thereby prohibits the growth of algae or any other pathogen inside.

Special features like ultraviolet guard is an additional per, that goes a step further than usual and ensure that the water does not get affected due to the long hours of exposure to the ultraviolet component of the sunlight.

The plastic water storage tanks offered by the house of penguin are made up of food grade material, which ensures the purity of water. Also, it is manufactured with multiple layers, each with a distinct advantage to ensure the good quality of water stored. The roto-molding manufacturing process ensures a uniform cross section and even thickness of each layer. It is a quality product designed, manufactured and offered to enable you to have aces to clean, fresh healthy water every hour of the day.

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