In today’s world, it is almost impossible to rely on a constant supply of water, solely on the ground water, without having a plastic water storage tank.  Thus, the importance of getting a water tank is non-debatable, making it a compulsory commodity. However, there are several factors to consider before finalizing the right one.

Here we discuss the main factors that are crucial to determine the right size –

Family size –

Perhaps, the most important factor is the number of people living under the roof. For a joint family, the size should be much more as compared to that of a nuclear family for obvious reasons.  The main factor should be to ensure that the amount of water is sufficient for everyone in consideration with a single, full refill of the water tank.

Type of usage –

There are some of the chores that everyone does with the help of water like, drinking, bathing, washing utensil, and clothes and moping. However, there Aare some specialized uses as well such as gardening, water the lawn or roof to cool it down, washing cars and other vehicles etc. in case

Availability of power –

A plastic water storage tank is dependent of a pump and that, in turn, on electric current. Thus for a household present in an area with frequent power cuts are far better with a tank of more capacity. In this way, even in the case of long hours of power cut, the residents can count on the water reserved in the tank.

Space available –

Since the overhead water tanks are installed on the roof or on a terrace. The space available for the same is important and so is the strength of the base. A bigger tank, filled to its full capacity might exert more pressure on the roof, which may cause structural damage of building over the period of time.

Environmental condition –

Most of the household rely on the underground water for filling and refilling.  However, in regions where the water table is too low, the same principle does not yield many valuable results and must count on the rainwater harvesting. Accordingly, the size of water tank must be selected to suit the need.

At, the house of Penguin Tank, we deliver plastic water tank in a vast range. The capacity of water tanks in liters ranges from 300 to 10,000 with a total of 10 options.

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