PENGUIN TANK, one of the renowned water tank brand offers its impressive range of water storage tanks for domestic as well as commercial use.

A unique product made from Linear Low density Polyethylene (LLDPE) which can withstand environmental temperatures till about 45 degrees centigrade and still keep the water inside it cooler than any other so called best water tank brands of same segment. These water storage tanks are cheaper and better, both in design and functionality than its counterparts offered elsewhere in the world of water storage tanks. These tanks come with the facility of ‘Threaded Lids’ which can be screwed on to the top of tank to keep the dust, insect, rodents and other unwanted objects out.


The water tanks manufactured by Penguin Tank meet the international standards. We believe in providing the best quality of materials to our customers. Penguin Tanks preserves the purity of water so that people can consume fresh water. The tanks keeps the water cool, as we use premium quality materials that sustains heat up to 45 degree. We ensure that our customers and all the people who consume the water stored in a Penguin Tank stay safe and healthy. As a popular phrase says ‘Water is Life’, we take it to the next level by believing that ‘Pure Water ensures Healthier Life’!


At the Penguin Tank, we aim to make this world a better place by sticking to the basics and providing the best quality of water tanks. Premium quality is the first factor is our list of priorities, and we make sure that our customers are overwhelmed with the products. We endorse quality over products, and hence, our tanks store water without contaminating it. By choosing Penguin Tank, you assure yourself of the following:

  • Fresh, clean and cool water that is safe for drinking and other purposes.
  • Peace of mind as we endorse quality over products.
  • Durable, ISO Certified Water Tanks

You may check the quality and insight of our water tanks to explore the premium range of water storage tanks in India.


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