Plastic Water Tanks are marked safe for different uses. They are highly durable and rust and corrosion free. They provide a better quality of water which means better health for you and your family. Of late plastic, tanks have taken over the others and are the most preferred type of Water Tank in India at present. Plastic water tanks are classified on the basis of different layers, manufactured as per the consumers’ need and requirement. We have observed different colored and types of water tanks and its importance. But what exactly is a layered water tank? What are its importance and uses? How does it differentiate from each other? Let us look at the answers below.

Single Layered Plastic Water Tanks:

These water tanks have a single layer of plastic. Therefore they are not UV stabilized and do not protect the water tanks from the harsh ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Continous exposure in the sun leads to bacteria growth called algae in water tanks which are extremely harmful to the human use. These are considered as lower quality water tanks than double, triple or four-layered and henceforth the most economical to buy.

Double Layer Plastic Water Tanks:

These water tanks have two layers of plastic. First is the outermost layer and the second layer is the colored layer for visibility or UV stabilized. They are definitely better than single layered tanks but inferior to triple or four layer tanks. These are the most economical layered tank for a healthy use of water. It costs slightly more than a single-layered tank but less than a triple or four layer tanks.

Triple Layer Plastic Water Tanks:

these water tanks have three layers of plastic. One layer serves as the outermost layer, the second layers serve as UV protection and the third layer serves for better visibility. They are better than double layer tanks and are highly durable. They cost more than single and double layer water tanks. They are leak proof and corrosion and rust free.

Four Layer Plastic Water Tanks:

These water tanks have three layers of plastic and one layer of Poly Urethane Foam. Foam layer helps in resisting against extreme warm and cold temperatures outside. They are the best and super quality tanks with the highest strength and longest durability. They are the costliest of all mentioned above but it is worth spending on these tanks because of its superior most quality.

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